Our Features

Eager Beaver believes that the details make all of the difference, and we make sure we get the details right.

We offer the latest in trailer tech to make sure that you get the best experience possible when you

purchase your trailer.

Details Make the Difference
High Tensile Rails

Our high-tensile mainrails are one-piece and coldformed extending from the front of the drawbar to the back of the trailer.

L.E.D. Lights

Brighter lights with no filament to burn out & shock absorbing casing means a virtually unlimited life.

Standard on all our trailers.

100% Sealed Wire Harness

USA harness PLUS (positive lock under seal). Helps with brighter lights and has shock absorbing casings.

Standard on all our trailers.

Oak Deck

Oak decking is fastened to the crossmembers with bolts and deck washers. It is easier to replace decking when required.

Hub Piloted Disc Wheels

Have a higher wheel rating, easier maintenance, faster & easier mounting, & eliminate wheel wobble.

Standard on all 15-25 ton trailers.

3-Leaf Suspension

Hutch 9700 adjustable suspension is rated at 50,000 lb. & Tandem 75,000 lb. For a stronger & longer life.

Standard on all 15-25 ton trailers.

One-Piece Cast Steel Hitch

Our hitch is specially made & is tested at 275,000 lb. & is rated five times stronger than any other on the market.

Standard on all Tag Trailers.

2-Speed Parking Jack

Our heavy duty 2-speed parking jack is easy to use and has a 70,000 lb. static capacity for our trailers.

Standard on all 15-25 ton trailers.

Hydraulic Control

Our hydraulic cylinders & counter balance valves are protected & out of the way while giving you full control via the control panel.

Air Lift Front Axle

Compac-Trac suspension ultra lift design requires no frame modification & gives maximum lift & clearance.

Exclusive to Eager Beaver Trailers.